The project

Dolomiti Village A holiday village made of wood

A long-cherished dream of creating a small holiday village in harmony with the local area has come true, to be shared with our guests so that they can have a unique holiday experience, surrounded by nature.


There is a special place, in Val Pesarina where, over the last century, a small rural village was built, made of “stavoli”, small wood and stone constructions where farmers took their animals to rest during the transhumance: the Stavoli Orias.

The project

Inspired by the rural architecture of the Stavoli Orias, Dolomiti Village began to take shape in 2014, when the first house, recovered from an ancient stavolo, was joined by our chalets, built with the materials and construction techniques of the old constructions used by the farmers.

A green village

Care for the environment is a principle that Dolomiti Village has made its own, right from the start. The use of local and sustainable materials for building the accommodation units, a small photovoltaic plant and LED lights with low energy impact, are just some of the solutions adopted for protecting and safeguarding nature.

The electrical appliances installed in the facilities are all class A, to guarantee absolute energy efficiency. The holiday village also has its own aqueduct which comes from a natural water source and its own purification plant based on phytoremediation.